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You can choose one of two packages (see Download section):


Starting up:

At startup, a dialog box invite you to select your identifier in a drop list box.

Please note that at first time, you must choose "New" in order to create your own profile. Next time, your identifier will appear in the list and you have just to select it. Then you reach the main menu and choose a tasks.

Recording of socio-demographic variables:
In order to improve FaceTales, your data will be anonymously recorded and transmitted to the research team developing FaceTales. To better understand the determinant of decoding skills training, we need some information from you. You will be asked for some details about you and your professionnal experience.

Important! Your profile (that contains your levels) is sored in a file named "profiles" that must be in the same directory of Facetales.exe.

Updated : 25/02/2011 - Pierre Mahau